Friday, August 29, 2008

Hello Everybody! I'm finally joining the blogosphere. I'm excited to be able to exchange ideas and pictures, and news, and, well, pearls and daisies, with my family and friends. You've all finally convinced me!

I'm finishing a new book that will feature PBEs in the category of premortal memories. It still needs polishing, but I think you will all like it. It's amazing at this time in the history of the world how there are so many people from various religious and cultural backgrounds having these memories. I believe we really are in an age when the veil is becoming thinner. As my friend Char said, it's thinner at different depths for different people! Char's in my new book, too, so you'll get to read her story.

In fact, Char just walked in and we are headed out to lunch! I'm looking forward to hearing from all my friends and family and staying connected through the miracle of the internet! (Okay, I'm showing my age.... :-) )

Love and hugs to all of you!
Sarah Hinze

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