Sunday, January 30, 2011

Call for Pre-Birth Accounts

For over 20 years I have been collecting personal stories from people of all walks of life and all religious affiliations pertaining to premortality. I have written many books including Coming from the Light, We Lived in Heaven and Songs of the Morning Stars.

For several years now I have been compiling a specific type of PBE I have termed premortal memories (PMM). A premortal memory is the recall of ones existence prior to conception. Related terms, such as 'preconception memory', 'pre-earth memory', and 'heaven memory', also refer to memories of the life we lived as spirits before coming to earth.

This is a sacred work that my husband and I have been involved in over the years, and in spite of our imperfections, we have felt guided by the spirit of the Lord and we have seen wonderful fruit come as a result of these books. I have met or heard from people who have had life-changing experiences as a result of reading our books, such as prevention of suicide, prevention of abortion, bringing an additional child into their home, and much more.

The books are hope-promoting, and shed light on the question 'why?' concerning parents, friends, place of birth, interests, trials, and so on. There is evidence suggesting we chose, or at least agreed to, many of our life experiences--there are no accidents in the big picture.

Sharing these truths is the purpose of our new book The Memory of Angels: Remembering Our Premortal Life.

Some of the stories are simple and from children. The parents report these stories to me and I love them dearly.

One simple story that recently came in:

When my son was barely three I was laying down by him one night to help him get to sleep. He said,"When we were in heaven, you told me that you'd be my mother.'
That's right, I said, figuring he'd heard this from church or something.
He got noticeably excited.'You remember that?'
'No', I said, But now I'm your mother so I must have said it.'
'Oh', he said, disappointed. 'I remember it'.

Some of the stories are from those who have had premortal memories their entire life. These people most generally have told me that they only have a partial "veil" over their mind and have always remembered a great many details of their premortal life. Others have had memories come in a near-death experience or from a spontaneous flashback. The stories are all remarkable and each one is specifically unique.

Many years ago after giving a talk in NYC to a group of over 200 people (I was there with other authors who spoke as well), I was approached by a young woman who told me that she remembered being in heaven before she was born. She wanted to tell me her story and she asked me about other people's memories that they had shared with me. I was so anxious to talk to her but I was detained from hearing her because of other obligations of the conference. I lost my contact information from her, much to my disappointment. I have never forgotten her and it is to her and others like her that this book is dedicated.

If you have had a PMM experience, I invite you to contact me if you feel inclined to share it for inclusion in my new book, Memory of Angels: Remembering Our Premortal Life before it is published in a few months. I especially appreciate accounts that come via e-mail in the experiencer's own words, such as one would make in a journal entry. These true stories are told best in the experiencer's own words. Then I can follow up with questions etc. via e-mail as well.

My e-mail address is or you may call me at 480-882-8364. Thank you for your interest.

With lots of love,


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Aron Ralston's prebirth experience

The last night of Aron Ralston's ordeal, he had a vision in which he saw himself playing with a blond little three year old boy he knew was his future son. He saw himself in this vision with only one hand. He said in his book, Between a Rock and a Hard Place that it was this vision of his son that gave him the strength to survive.

In December 2009, Aron Ralston shared his excitement and anticipation of the birth of his son, and finally getting to meet the boy who saved his life. His wife's due date was just weeks away when this interview was taped.It's a few minutes into the video, so please be patient. :-)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sarah speaks at Northern AZ University

Yesterday I spoke at a division of NAU which is located in Phoenix. Brent and I are working with Kim Mascara a PH.D. graduate student and teacher there on research with our pre-birth studies. We have prepared some articles for a professional magazine and a local publication. Kim says that our book Coming from the Light is used in research circles around the world in academic fields concerning pre-birth communication between parents and their unborn children. We were delighted to know this, as we have felt that our work is just the beginning and that other researchers will pickup the data and run with it. We hope so. So far, we have identified over 25 authors who are doing just this. I have enjoyed being a guest lecturer for five universities in the valley over the past few years--I usually speak in the Death and Dying class which is generally for those going into the medical field. Thank goodness people are getting educated at the universities on the spiritual data that is coming forth.
I shared with the students my earliest interest in the unseen world and the spirit world. When I was 4-5 years old I would have spontaneous out of body experiences. This would happen sometimes when I was thoughtful about life, which was often for me. I just knew that I wanted to go "home". I would leave my body and go to the ceiling of my room, I would not go any further. One day while I was floating, I heard a strong male voice speak to me. It said, "You get back in your body and don't you ever do that again". Let's just say, I did just that and never attempted to leave on my own again.
Also, when I was about 8-10 years old, I was very sick with a high fever. My dad, who was always whom I called for when I was ill because he was a medic in the Army and worked in medical settings, was very worried about me. Suddenly, I just floated out of my body and went to a beautiful place. I don't remember the details except that I loved it there and I was not in pain. After what seemed like minutes, I was back in my body and back with the pain and fever.
I don't know if that was the catalyst for me, but as the mother of 8-9 young children about 18 years ago, I was impressed to study and write about such things. I argued with the higher powers that seemed to be directing me, but to no avail. After all, I was a homemaker, a wife and mother. What did I know, I thought. But over the months that followed I could not dismiss the impressions to do exactly as I was being prompted to do. What has happened over the years has been wonderful! Several books published and now I have completed the final phase of my assignment with my new book The Memory of Angels Remembering Who We are and What We Came Here to Do. I will be posting exerts of this book on my web site at very soon for you to read.
I shared with the students my experiences at conferences in meeting some of the most respected authors of the near death experience, including Dr. Raymond Moody (who referred to himself as "an expert in the unknown". It was intended as a joke!), Dr, Ken Ring, from the University of Conn. and my favorite book Return from Tomorrow by Dr. George Richie, who visited us in our home a few years ago.
I enjoyed the students and their comments very much.

Matthew and Anna

Family Photos from Thanksgiving 2009

This is our formal family photo where we sit tall, put on our most impressive smile and generally try to convince ourselves that we are an impressive bunch. Then we always op for our "silly photo" where we just let go and show the "real deal". Hey, it's a tradition!

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a wonderful time this year. All of our 9 children were in town with their families. Our Thanksgiving Day lunch was hosted by Krista at her mini-ranch in east Mesa. She had prepared her home, which is a remodeled barn, with festive decorations and great hospitality. We all pitched in and brought various tasty treats to share.
After dinner we did our annual talent show--photos will show many of those participating. My sister Sandy came from Seattle and she reconnected with many of her nieces and nephews she had not seen for awhile.
Friday evening we held our Hinze Family Dance at Laura's home. Even though she is 5 months pregnant, she and her family hosted a lively affair. We even had some young ones do some cute dancing. One of the highlights was Rachel and Matt singing. We all learned that they have fantastic voices. None of us had ever heard Rachel sing a solo. We can't wait for them to make us a CD.
We send our love for Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Two PBE Adoption Stories

I love hearing PBE stories in the experiencer's own words! I went to a conference recently and met a sweet couple who shared two of their stories with me, This week they emailed me their precious experiences and have given me permission to share them with my readers. I'm sure they will inspire you as much as they have me!



We have 4 children, all of them adopted. I have always felt that they were ours, even if their method of getting to us was a little unconventional. After reading your books, I am even more certain, this was arranged before we came to earth!


In 1994 we were prompted to seek more children, and prompted further that we needed to adopt from Russia. We discovered that doors for adoption from Russia were limited, and there were only three agencies, which were still able to get children out of Russia. Foreign adoptions are extremely complicated and backlogged in Red Tape. However, we had been working on the paperwork for many months and we were now ready to submit our application with a new agency that could work with Russia. After all the paperwork was done, the actual assignment was surprisingly quick. Within a month, we were scheduled to fly to Russia to adopt a three-year-old boy.

Just a couple weeks before we were to fly, I had a dream about a little girl, and the message was that we also needed to adopt her. I saw her in the Russian orphanage playing with the little boy we were going to adopt. Her name was Elena. She had long brown hair, worn in braids, and looked to be about six or seven.

When adopting from Russia, we were told to bring little toys, and candy not only for the child we were adopting, but also for the other orphanage children; and also to bring clothes, because they would leave only with the clothes on their back. So sure was I that things would work out and that we would be able to adopt this additional girl, that I bought clothes and toys for her, too. I also had our child’s passport permission changed to show that we could bring home two children instead of just the boy for whom we had papers.

Before leaving for Russia, I had a priesthood blessing in which I was told that the dream about Elena was of God and that “hearts would be softened and doors would be opened” so that we could bring this daughter home with us.

When we got to Russia, the orphanage told us that there were no girls for adoption who fit my description. However, as an afterthought, the head matron, said well, there is one little girl. Her name is Alona (English equivalent, Elena). She was the only girl in the orphanage with long hair. As a practice in the orphanage, all the children had shaved heads or very short hair to control head-lice. However, Elena’s caretaker took a personal interest in her; she washed and braided her hair every day, and then wrapped it on her head. She was 7 ½ years old.

Several children were brought to the “play room” at once because other people were also there to adopt. I recognized the room from my dream and when Elena and Sergey started to play with each other, despite their age difference, I felt comforted that things would work out.

When we asked about adopting Elena, the response was, "I don’t know. It’s never been done; there is paperwork you know that must be done!” We had no paper work for Elena but truly doors were opened and hearts were softened. When we left Russia ten days later, Elena was with us!



This story begins before I was married. I was engaged and our date was set in the spring, however one night I had a strange dream. In this dream, a baby boy appeared to me. He had dark hair and dark eyes, and communicated, "Hurry up and get married so I can come!"

We were married in the next few months and I fully expected to get pregnant and start our family. However, that was not the plan. It became apparent that we were not to have children of our own. We started the adoption process, but in between moving three times, once to a foreign country, adoption didn't happen until we were back in the United States. One evening we got a call to come in the morning to pick up our new baby GIRL! I was a little confused; because I was sure, it was a boy. My husband and I were both impressed that her name was to be Sarah.

We continued the adoption process to get another child. Five years later we were still waiting. We had again moved several times. One Sunday, after spending all day at church, we discovered three messages on our answering machine. All three were from our social worker who said he needed to talk to us and then needed to see us and he would stop by our house at 6:00 pm. It was 10 minutes before 6 o'clock!

At 10 minutes after 6 the doorbell rang and our social worker was at the door. Being frustrated in his efforts to contact us all day, he asked if we were still interested in adopting a baby. We answered "Of Course!" He said, "I've got one in the car, do you want him?"

We hurried out to the car, and there was a two-day-old baby boy with dark hair and dark eyes. We brought the baby in the house, filled out some paperwork and one half hour later, the social worker left and we had a brand new baby! We had no preparations other than what came with the baby from the hospital. It was late Sunday diapers, no formula, no clothes, and no crib ...after 5 years we were physically unprepared for a baby, but spiritually and emotionally our hearts were ready!

Wonderful neighbors helped us out that first night, but I have thought many times since, that the coming of the LORD will be just like that. We knew we could be called and get a baby "overnight" so to speak, but after five years of waiting, and three false starts, (being told about a baby, but then because of abortion or other reasons, the baby was not placed), although we had not given up, we were not prepared. We know the LORD is returning, we just don't know the timing. He will come when any of us least expect Him!

That is not the end of the story. Four years later, we had just moved to Germany, and were having our family dinner. John interrupted the conversation and loudly proclaimed: "And Mommy, and Mommy, when I was upstairs, I saw you married!" All conversation stopped and I looked at John to respond to him, but before I could say anything, he blurted out "And I said HURRY UP!" John had just turned four year old and still remembered his pre-earth life.

John does not remember any of his pre earth life now, but he does know the story we tell about him.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Miscarriage Mourning from The Deseret News

Miscarriage mourning
Erin Stewart blogger | July 16, 2009 at 9:05 a.m.
I had a miscarriage two weeks ago.
That's one of those sentences that doesn't seem real until you actually say it. Kind of like when you tell people you are pregnant and the words sound surprisingly delicious as they roll off your tongue. It's like that, except when you announce a miscarriage, the words scratch your throat as they come out.
I've hesitated to tell a lot of people about my miscarriage, mostly because I know what the reaction will be: How are you doing? How do you feel?
I don't know the answer to either of those questions. I feel OK. I feel sad. I feel scared. I feel sick. I have no idea how I'm supposed to be feeling.
I was only six weeks along -- barely long enough to see anything on an ultrasound. But to anyone who has been pregnant, you know it's long enough to have calculated a due date and decided which room will be the nursery.
So I feel like I'm lost in the no-mans land of early miscarriage. I didn't lose a baby with a face and a name. I don't have anything to bury.
How do you grieve an idea?
To any of you with experience with this, please tell me. How do you get closure when you lose something that you didn't really ever have?
Vignette V6 Mon Jul 20 00:21:01 2009
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Sarah Hinze | 1:38 p.m. Jul. 16, 2009
I am the mother of nine children for which I am very grateful. I also had three miscarriages over a twenty year period. The miscarriages were so traumatic that I was impressed to research the topic on a spiritual level. As a result of that research I wrote two books that helped me in my grief and also helped others. Those books are "We Lived in Heaven" and "Songs of the Morning Stars". I have since come to understand that for me each miscarriage was an individual spirit and for various reasons, including my health, their physical development, and especially their missions to stay on the earth, or leave all came into play. After years of prayer study, and collecting stories from others, my miscarried children now either: returned in another pregnancy, chose to stay on the other side to act as a guardian to our family and my husband and I will raise them in the eternities, or will come at a future time to another family member. I hope that my testimony may be of comfort to those who have miscarried children. There is comfort to come, I promise, in time, once you understand God's plan for them.

Another blogger wrote:
I concur with Sarah Hinze, all miscarriages have a spirit assigned. Some are waiting for a body that works. I do not believe that the spirit is actually in the body that early on. So the miscarriage was not a child to be mourned but a hope lost, until the spirit gets its working body. In my mind this would be when the fetus is not really a fetus but a mass of cells that grew as far as they could. To me that is not a child even though it was "alive" while it grew. Other miscarriages also have a spirit assigned and the body counts as having been just that. The key word is that it had a body. So not all miscarriages are equal. I have had three and do not believe any of them were children lost to me. I do believe that the first one which was the most advanced and traumatic was later born to me among one of my six subsequent healthy births. I guess the other two did as well since I had such a long line of kids waiting for healthy bodies. I would recommend everyone read Sarah's books

Sunday, July 19, 2009

June Vacation

Our trip to Utah in June was wonderful. I loved the rain, the cool air, the very green landscape, and especially the wonderful friends and family there. I can't wait to return to a cooler land than Arizona,the Rocky Mountains.
Renelle Smith put on a wonderful conference and I was happy to be a part of it. It was the first time that I have spoken about the new book, The Memory of Angels. Writing is more my game, but I enjoyed sharing the book and the response was very exciting. For those who have asked when this book will be ready, the answer is: as SOON as possible. It is with an excellent editor now and she has made important strides. It will be finished by the end of this week, I hope. I have a few friends who will read it when it comes back. If you would like to read it and offer your thoughts just e-mail me.
I will be back in Utah the middle of August for other activities, but in the meantime,
I am excited to be working with a lovely young woman, Kim, who is associated with a local university. She is getting her PH.D. in prenatal psychology and has used the book Coming from the light (reprint is We Lived in Heaven)in her doctoral program. We are currently working on an article for a parenting magazine and hope to bring out of obscurity "the announcing dream". This is a phenomena I write about in the books concerning an unborn spirit communicating with parents, siblings, etc. in dreams or other powerful ways prior to their birth or even conception. It is exciting for me to see those in higher education interested. I have spoken at several colleges and universities over the years and it is rewarding to see others interested and making contributions to the research. All of these experiences are a powerful bonding experience for parents who experience it, as well as for those who read about their experiences in the books.
A few years ago I did a radio show that aired in New York City with Coming from the Light. The radio personality told me that the book had forever changed the way that he looked at his children and treated them as he learned that he and his children were the children of God. Now--that was rewarding!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let's Get Together!

I will be in Utah June 13-23 speaking at a conference with ReNelle Smith. While I'm up there I would enjoy doing some local book discussions and Q&A on my new book, The Memory of Angels: Remembering Who We Are and What We Came Here to Do.

I’m really excited about this new book! The Memory of Angels concentrates on a category of PreBirth Experiences we define as PreBirth Memories, which were gathered over the years, most coming from my readers and which have never been published. A premortal memory is a remembrance of one’s life prior to conception. There is power in knowing who we are, what knowledge and talents we developed, with whom we associated, what choices we made and what missions we accepted before coming to earth.

Understanding our pre-earth existence clarifies many questions about life, especially issues that appear unjust and arbitrary here in mortality. It may explain your experiences concerning parents, family, friends, place of birth, race, nationality, interest, aptitudes, trials and so on. Apparently there are no accidents in the big picture!

Premortal memories provide a key to understanding our life purpose and mission. Remembering who we really are awakens and empowers us.

If you would like to have a get-together with a group of friends for some afternoon or evening, give me a call or email me and we’ll get it scheduled. You can reach me at 480-882-8364 or 480-898-3009.

Winging My Way to Utah!

June 20 I will be attending and participating in an awesome event in SLC--many of my friends and other authors will be in attendance and speaking! Details are on the flyer here. Hope to see many of you there!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Anna and I had an amazing time at this performance, originally from France. Anna loves horses and this show is indescribable. The stage is set with riders and horses, almost performing in a spiritual way. The love between the humans and horses is something like heaven. We cried at the love that radiated from that stage--anyhow, a wonderful memory was made between mother and daughter. The raindrops on the camera are real--unusual for a spring night in AZ.

Anna and Sarah attend Cavalia in Scottsdale, AZ

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanksgiving 2008

I know we're way past the holiday season and into the new year, but I'm just so happy about our family pictures we took at Thanksgiving that I wanted to share them here. We have a tradition that goes WAY back -- the last photo of the family MUST be a silly one. That's what we call it - The Silly One, capitalized. :-) So here they are!

Some Thoughts About the Last 20 Years

I am completing a new manuscript which, naturally, is about prebirth experiences. In this case it is entirely centered on one category of PBE, prebirth memories. While working on it I realized that for nearly twenty years now I have researched and written about our life in heaven before we were born. Much of this data has come through case studies I have received from people around the world.

Over the years I have heard and collected hundreds of stories. Many of these stories have come to me through my web site at Whenever I speak, I hear more. Other stories have come through phone calls from those who have read the books-- We Lived in Heaven, Songs of the Morning Stars, Life Before Life, or The Castaways. Just the other morning, I had a call from a tender father who shared with me visits of their unborn son to several family members. I am touched to hear these special stories.

I believe that the Lord has guided me through this stewardship to collect and share these stories-which is a little scary to say out loud, but it's how I feel. It can be risky to share personal things and at times I have shrunk from this assignment. Some stories I have chosen to not put in my books because they are so personal. Nevertheless, I continue to receive calls from people who personally feel a confirmation to share their stories.

One of the predictions of our day is that “the veil over the earth will begin to burst.” Many stories I have collected verify that poetic prediction.

One of the most rewarding experiences in compiling these books is that many people have reported that they have chosen life for their unborn child rather than the “alternative”. Working alongside good people, I have seen the hearts of legislators touched at state and national levels and witnessed laws passed to save the unborn. I have literally seen the stories in my books change people’s hearts and fill them with a renewed desire to protect and love all unborn children. Respect for the sanctity of life has expanded as some individuals have reported replacing suicidal thoughts with renewed understanding of the purpose of life and a desire to live it fully and well.

Mothers have also been comforted in the role of childbearing through these books. Just recently I spoke at a woman’s conference where two lovely young mothers came up to me with glowing faces. They were each holding babies in their arms. They told me that after reading my books, they were very impressed that Heavenly Father had an additional spirit to send to their home. They expressed their deep gratitude for the books and for the gift of their child. Experiences of that nature keep me going and fortify me to honor the next direction this work is being led.

Since deciding to write this book, I have met many wonderful people with memories they had been prompted to share-- even before meeting me. They knew that at some point they would be called to testify what they knew.

Although I view these accounts as research—the gathering, compiling and reporting of data—I believe that the true measure of this material will be found in the hearts and souls of the readers in changing lives in positive ways.

These special experiences come unsolicited to the receiver. In a seemingly ordinary day, something special can happen to any of us…a brush with the divine. When I hear these special experiences, my understanding of eternity is expanded.

We are living in stressful times. These stories bring hope and recovery and carry a special spirit all their own. Readers have reported experiencing recovery from depression, loss of a loved one, miscarriage, abortion trauma, rape, eating disorders, and so on.

In this age of spiritual identity theft, it is important to know who we really are. We are the children of God and lived with Him in heaven before we were born. Your life is not an accident but a divinely planned event, orchestrated from eons before you were born on earth. Within each of us is a spark of remembrance that we brought with us. I pray that this truth will settle deeply into your soul and that this message will be a blessing to you.

I would love to hear from you. Please contact me with questions or additional stories you may want to share.

With Love,

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Prebirth Experiences on the Internet

Hi Friends,

Here are some sites I've come across or been told about where people are sharing and discussing prebirth experiences right now!

Okay, shameless self-promotion by posting this, but forgive me for being excited that someone's talking about this work. The more people who come to know about it, the more people learn who they really are, and more hearts are changed toward the unborn!

If any of you see discussions about prebirth experiences, I invite you to post them here, too! Thanks so much for visiting!


Friday, August 29, 2008

Brent and I with Savannah (Rod and Jen's daughter)

Hello Everybody! I'm finally joining the blogosphere. I'm excited to be able to exchange ideas and pictures, and news, and, well, pearls and daisies, with my family and friends. You've all finally convinced me!

I'm finishing a new book that will feature PBEs in the category of premortal memories. It still needs polishing, but I think you will all like it. It's amazing at this time in the history of the world how there are so many people from various religious and cultural backgrounds having these memories. I believe we really are in an age when the veil is becoming thinner. As my friend Char said, it's thinner at different depths for different people! Char's in my new book, too, so you'll get to read her story.

In fact, Char just walked in and we are headed out to lunch! I'm looking forward to hearing from all my friends and family and staying connected through the miracle of the internet! (Okay, I'm showing my age.... :-) )

Love and hugs to all of you!
Sarah Hinze