Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Thoughts About the Last 20 Years

I am completing a new manuscript which, naturally, is about prebirth experiences. In this case it is entirely centered on one category of PBE, prebirth memories. While working on it I realized that for nearly twenty years now I have researched and written about our life in heaven before we were born. Much of this data has come through case studies I have received from people around the world.

Over the years I have heard and collected hundreds of stories. Many of these stories have come to me through my web site at Whenever I speak, I hear more. Other stories have come through phone calls from those who have read the books-- We Lived in Heaven, Songs of the Morning Stars, Life Before Life, or The Castaways. Just the other morning, I had a call from a tender father who shared with me visits of their unborn son to several family members. I am touched to hear these special stories.

I believe that the Lord has guided me through this stewardship to collect and share these stories-which is a little scary to say out loud, but it's how I feel. It can be risky to share personal things and at times I have shrunk from this assignment. Some stories I have chosen to not put in my books because they are so personal. Nevertheless, I continue to receive calls from people who personally feel a confirmation to share their stories.

One of the predictions of our day is that “the veil over the earth will begin to burst.” Many stories I have collected verify that poetic prediction.

One of the most rewarding experiences in compiling these books is that many people have reported that they have chosen life for their unborn child rather than the “alternative”. Working alongside good people, I have seen the hearts of legislators touched at state and national levels and witnessed laws passed to save the unborn. I have literally seen the stories in my books change people’s hearts and fill them with a renewed desire to protect and love all unborn children. Respect for the sanctity of life has expanded as some individuals have reported replacing suicidal thoughts with renewed understanding of the purpose of life and a desire to live it fully and well.

Mothers have also been comforted in the role of childbearing through these books. Just recently I spoke at a woman’s conference where two lovely young mothers came up to me with glowing faces. They were each holding babies in their arms. They told me that after reading my books, they were very impressed that Heavenly Father had an additional spirit to send to their home. They expressed their deep gratitude for the books and for the gift of their child. Experiences of that nature keep me going and fortify me to honor the next direction this work is being led.

Since deciding to write this book, I have met many wonderful people with memories they had been prompted to share-- even before meeting me. They knew that at some point they would be called to testify what they knew.

Although I view these accounts as research—the gathering, compiling and reporting of data—I believe that the true measure of this material will be found in the hearts and souls of the readers in changing lives in positive ways.

These special experiences come unsolicited to the receiver. In a seemingly ordinary day, something special can happen to any of us…a brush with the divine. When I hear these special experiences, my understanding of eternity is expanded.

We are living in stressful times. These stories bring hope and recovery and carry a special spirit all their own. Readers have reported experiencing recovery from depression, loss of a loved one, miscarriage, abortion trauma, rape, eating disorders, and so on.

In this age of spiritual identity theft, it is important to know who we really are. We are the children of God and lived with Him in heaven before we were born. Your life is not an accident but a divinely planned event, orchestrated from eons before you were born on earth. Within each of us is a spark of remembrance that we brought with us. I pray that this truth will settle deeply into your soul and that this message will be a blessing to you.

I would love to hear from you. Please contact me with questions or additional stories you may want to share.

With Love,

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