Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanksgiving 2008

I know we're way past the holiday season and into the new year, but I'm just so happy about our family pictures we took at Thanksgiving that I wanted to share them here. We have a tradition that goes WAY back -- the last photo of the family MUST be a silly one. That's what we call it - The Silly One, capitalized. :-) So here they are!


Anne Bradshaw said...

I love this idea of a silly photo, Sarah. Thanks for sharing. I think our family would go for this without pressure :-)

Diane said...

Hi Sarah...I was a winner awhile back on Anne Bradshaw's blog for the Arthurian Omen and I was just checking in to thank her, NOT to enter another of her contests but to just thank her and there you were...your blog and W0W!!!! What a great posteriety!! So HI to you and thanks for all you great works!!!