Sunday, July 19, 2009

June Vacation

Our trip to Utah in June was wonderful. I loved the rain, the cool air, the very green landscape, and especially the wonderful friends and family there. I can't wait to return to a cooler land than Arizona,the Rocky Mountains.
Renelle Smith put on a wonderful conference and I was happy to be a part of it. It was the first time that I have spoken about the new book, The Memory of Angels. Writing is more my game, but I enjoyed sharing the book and the response was very exciting. For those who have asked when this book will be ready, the answer is: as SOON as possible. It is with an excellent editor now and she has made important strides. It will be finished by the end of this week, I hope. I have a few friends who will read it when it comes back. If you would like to read it and offer your thoughts just e-mail me.
I will be back in Utah the middle of August for other activities, but in the meantime,
I am excited to be working with a lovely young woman, Kim, who is associated with a local university. She is getting her PH.D. in prenatal psychology and has used the book Coming from the light (reprint is We Lived in Heaven)in her doctoral program. We are currently working on an article for a parenting magazine and hope to bring out of obscurity "the announcing dream". This is a phenomena I write about in the books concerning an unborn spirit communicating with parents, siblings, etc. in dreams or other powerful ways prior to their birth or even conception. It is exciting for me to see those in higher education interested. I have spoken at several colleges and universities over the years and it is rewarding to see others interested and making contributions to the research. All of these experiences are a powerful bonding experience for parents who experience it, as well as for those who read about their experiences in the books.
A few years ago I did a radio show that aired in New York City with Coming from the Light. The radio personality told me that the book had forever changed the way that he looked at his children and treated them as he learned that he and his children were the children of God. Now--that was rewarding!!

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