Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sarah speaks at Northern AZ University

Yesterday I spoke at a division of NAU which is located in Phoenix. Brent and I are working with Kim Mascara a PH.D. graduate student and teacher there on research with our pre-birth studies. We have prepared some articles for a professional magazine and a local publication. Kim says that our book Coming from the Light is used in research circles around the world in academic fields concerning pre-birth communication between parents and their unborn children. We were delighted to know this, as we have felt that our work is just the beginning and that other researchers will pickup the data and run with it. We hope so. So far, we have identified over 25 authors who are doing just this. I have enjoyed being a guest lecturer for five universities in the valley over the past few years--I usually speak in the Death and Dying class which is generally for those going into the medical field. Thank goodness people are getting educated at the universities on the spiritual data that is coming forth.
I shared with the students my earliest interest in the unseen world and the spirit world. When I was 4-5 years old I would have spontaneous out of body experiences. This would happen sometimes when I was thoughtful about life, which was often for me. I just knew that I wanted to go "home". I would leave my body and go to the ceiling of my room, I would not go any further. One day while I was floating, I heard a strong male voice speak to me. It said, "You get back in your body and don't you ever do that again". Let's just say, I did just that and never attempted to leave on my own again.
Also, when I was about 8-10 years old, I was very sick with a high fever. My dad, who was always whom I called for when I was ill because he was a medic in the Army and worked in medical settings, was very worried about me. Suddenly, I just floated out of my body and went to a beautiful place. I don't remember the details except that I loved it there and I was not in pain. After what seemed like minutes, I was back in my body and back with the pain and fever.
I don't know if that was the catalyst for me, but as the mother of 8-9 young children about 18 years ago, I was impressed to study and write about such things. I argued with the higher powers that seemed to be directing me, but to no avail. After all, I was a homemaker, a wife and mother. What did I know, I thought. But over the months that followed I could not dismiss the impressions to do exactly as I was being prompted to do. What has happened over the years has been wonderful! Several books published and now I have completed the final phase of my assignment with my new book The Memory of Angels Remembering Who We are and What We Came Here to Do. I will be posting exerts of this book on my web site at very soon for you to read.
I shared with the students my experiences at conferences in meeting some of the most respected authors of the near death experience, including Dr. Raymond Moody (who referred to himself as "an expert in the unknown". It was intended as a joke!), Dr, Ken Ring, from the University of Conn. and my favorite book Return from Tomorrow by Dr. George Richie, who visited us in our home a few years ago.
I enjoyed the students and their comments very much.

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